Important Information About ACCA Training Course

Important Information About ACCA Training Course

by admin | Category Education | Feb 09, 2016


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You might have heard about ACCA and other many related courses that might have rolled your head. People generally get confused while selecting courses for a bright future. If you have decided to go for ACCA Courses and training, then this post will provide you all-inclusive understanding about the same.

ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants a leading international accountancy body that has equivalent value to the local criterion. The exam is alienated into two stages counting professional and fundamental with 14 papers to clear divided into four levels.

There are several benefits of accomplishing the ACCA training courses.

• This course makes you Chartered Certified Accountant that gives you an opportunity to work in any facet of management or economics in any trade.

• You are assured of getting better employment prospects as you are having a capability of working in distinct areas of business.

• This expresses that you have the abilities to progress to higher management posts.

• You get a foremost position in the eyes of the clientele and employers.

• You can give exam twice in a year; hence, you can work and study simultaneously

• You get the special satisfaction of having obtained the long-lasting and effective business skills for a brighter and secure future.

• You learn the practical characteristics of accountancy with ACCA course.

• To clear the ACCA exam and become a professional, you need to qualify 14 papers in English having pertinent realistic experience that you can grow in any trade sector you are functioning in.

• You have 10 years to do so, however generally it takes 2-3 years at an average.

Tips to clear the ACCA exams in minimum attempts –

• Make a timetable - When you start studying, you should have proper planning from the beginning itself. Revise everything you learned as revision gives you confidence and makes it writing the exams easier.

• Practice a lot - with continuous practice for the exam, you are making yourself more capable of clearing the exam. Study well, practice more to get the desired results.

• Keep yourself healthy - Exam time does not mean to keep your health at bay. In fact, you should take more care of yourself to stay healthy and fit. Keep yourself hydrated, eat healthy and have proper sleep to be fresh and concentrated while studying and writing exams.

• Do not leave any question - This exam d not have negative marking, hence, you need to try to attempt every question, as something is better than nothing.

• Divide your time - For every question, divide the time as per your expertise and knowledge. Attempt the questions you know first and then go for the rest. This will increase your confidence.

• Keep the answer sheet neat - keep your copy neat for helping the marker to give you good marks by making his checking work easier.